Free to Use

Unlike other platforms, we don't charge to manage your tickets or the event, leaving you to get on with what really matters

No Compromises

We don't keep anything from you, use all the features you need to get your event up and running in no time


View statistics at an instant to help you plan, monitor, and improve every aspect of your event

Powerful Ticketing

We make the process of selling tickets as easy and stress-free as possible, thanks to our state-of-the-art ticketing engine

  • Create tickets within minutes
  • Tickets contain QR codes that can be scanned from any device with a camera
  • No counterfeits - it's impossible for tickets to be generated illegally
  • Monitor sales metrics for each individual ticket
  • Sell your tickets through an external checkout on your own site

How much will my tickets make?

Use our calculator below, we take pride in being the cheapest event management service on the market - we won't be beaten

P.S. if you're a charity - scrap all the bookings fees, we'll do it for free

Your profits, not ours

We don't take a cut off of you. You operate for free, your customers pay a top-up 3% + 20p booking fee

Pocket money

The average Briton has less than £5 in their wallet; Our 3% + 20p booking fees are literally pocket money

No limits

Have as many tickets on the go as you need. Don't be restricted by other platform's "entry" ticket only strategies

You pay us:


Your customers pay us:

Your earnings:

Your Events, Your Customers, Your Success

Take control of every part of your event

Staff Management

Add your entire staff-list onto the platform with a click of a button

Secured Payments

Your customers will use a fast, secure, and worry-free checkout process to grab your tickets

Help at Hand

No external contractors - ever. If you need help, you'll be speaking straight with the source.

Get the Best Out of Your Staff

Whether it's just yourself, a small 10-person team, or an army of 100+, we've got you covered

Permissions - Roles & Responsibilities

With Festogo, you can delegate exactly what you need, to who you need

Too many providers offer a two-tier approach to staffing, you're either an admin doing everything, or just door/gate staff scanning tickets - they're out of date

Marketing can get the stats, the accountant can view the sales, your door staff can use the ticket scanner - staffing made simple

Simple Design, Maximum Efficiency

A control panel built to last

Orchestrate your event management through the control panel, here you can see all the events within your organisation on Festogo along with who is staffing them.

Confidently leave your staff with the tools that they need to get on with their everyday jobs

Be in the Loop

No more making the rounds asking for updates

You and your staff can be notified of any major changes such as ticketholders being denied entry or when a significant proportion of your tickets have been scanned in.

Need More Reasons to Use Us?

Event Obsessed

Festogo is by event goers, for event goers. Our team attends all sorts of events, we're a dedicated bunch and don't accept anything less than 100%

Forever Changing

We add new features every week without fail, each iteration for the better. If you've got any ideas, give us a shout!

Charity Friendly

Bookings fees don't have to apply. If you're running a charity event, we're more than happy to help you out

The Benefits of an Online Inventory

Festogo enables organisations, large and small, all across the UK to become more effective

Widen your audience

Flip the availability of your event from local to national

Trackable everything

Discover exactly what works and what doesn't work out of your ticketing inventory, progressively becoming better and better with each event

Everything at an instant

Don't be slowed down by paper